"MIr- Ah"

From the Sea

Launched in early 2022, Mira Denim is a small batch, ethically made, sustainable fashion company. Our aim is to promote and encourage mindful consumption, through creating essential, lasting pieces. We design and manufacture here in Australia, utilising sustainable and quality materials.

We proudly manufacture in Melbourne, Australia working with a small family business. This way we have full traceability of our products and can ensure our manufacturing is ethical. The manufacture also ensures that they avoid any material waste and recycles offcuts of material into new creations such as bean bags.

Our denim Jeans are made using Repreve fibres, which are created from plastic bottles rescued from the ocean. Using Repreve helps us achieve our goal of circular fashion, by reusing materials to create something new. We are continuing to branch into other fashion items such as T-Shirts, with the same mindset and goal to create circular fashion pieces that last.


Australian Made

The Owner

Nikki Wilson

Meet the Team

Chris Brayne

Business Development Specialist

Grace Carrol

Fashion Intern