What is sustainable fashion?

Often seen as  fashions newst buzz word "sustainable" can be confusing. 

We we want to break it down for you in simple, easy to understand terms and help you understand how to tell if a brand is truely sustainable. 

Put simply, sustainable fashion is about creating long lasting pieces that have minimal impact on natural resources, but can also be extended to social and economic systems.  

Creating fashion items that can be used again and again is the first step to re-inventing the fashion industry. Living in a fast fashion world, we send 23kg of clothing to landfill each year. By investing in pieces that are long lasting, and well made, we can reduce our landfill imapct. 

Moving towards a circular fashion will greatly help us improve the fashion industry, by developing pieces that can either be restored, or recycled at end of life. 

Circular Fashion Wheel

Source: Mochni.com



The circular economy approach helps hold brands accountable for the end of life of their products. Something not many brands currently do. 


According to Motif, (https://motif.org/news/circular-fashion-economy) Here’s how the steps of the circular fashion wheel go around:

  • The designers create and source products with low impact materials and a proper purpose.
  • Products are transported in ways which have low carbon footprint and are then sold or are given for  reuse, redesign or repair.
  • If there is an end for product, it is disposed or recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

The four key advantages of circular fashion include:

  • Reduced dependency on imported raw materials.
  • Creation of eco-friendly industries and jobs.
  • Eco-friendly brands benefit from a better public image.
  • Reduction in environmental damage caused by resource extraction

These are the key areas that Mira Denim focus on, by using recycled fibres, being localy made, and having an end of life policy. 

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