From plastic to fashion fantastic, innovations in textile production are meeting the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing.  

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It isn’t a secret that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters on earth. Fortunately, things are changing in fashion – for the better. If you are an active part of the sustainable fashion movement, you will be very familiar with the term trashion, and how influential it is becoming in fashion-forward circles. After all, the growing demand for sustainable clothing is inspiring textile manufacturers to invest in recycling and transforming trash into something useful for humanity – and, in terms of fashion, into new and exciting eco-chic fashion products and labels.

“The purpose of trashion is not only to get people actively thinking about what fashion and style means to them, but to encourage these same people to expand upon this thought by thinking about how the choices they make in fashion and style impact the world around them.”

Our consumer-culture has created a mindset where we do not think about what happens to the products we no longer use. In regards to plastic bottles, no one thinks twice about throwing these in the trash when we have finished drinking from them. This means many tonnes of plastics, if not recycled, end up in landfill and the ocean, causing significant environmentally damaged. Plastics last forever, and once created they remain on the earth – whether used insightfully or thrown into landfill and the ocean. It is time we commit to using plastic insightfully.



We all know the damage plastics have on our ecosystem via landfill, but very few of us know how damaging plastic is in our oceans. Every year, it is estimated that 8 million tonnes of plastics enter our oceans, killing marine life and polluting our food supplies. Sadly, we may reach a point where there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. This is why it is vital we find a way to stop plastic polluting our oceans before the damage is irreparable.

The good news is, for many environmentally friendly textile manufacturers, plastic bottles are fast becoming a vital component of their fabric creation. This is a real game-changer in the fashion world, and puts sustainable manufacturers and brands at the forefront of helping the earth – instead of harming it.

The process of transforming plastic into fashion is something to be admired. It begins with collecting plastic bottles and cleaning them. Once cleaned, the plastic bottles are shredded and crushed into flakes. These flakes are then hearted and used to create polyester fibres, which are then combined with cotton and blended into virgin denim. Sustainable brands ensure the entire process remains environmentally friendly, and often incorporate ethical labour within its practice. This means choosing sustainable brands isn’t just about investing in the material used, but in an entire philosophy that strikes a harmonious balance with the needs of the earth and that of humanity.


Quality is vital for the success of all environmentally friendly fabrics and innovation. It is one thing to promote the benefits of choosing sustainable brands, but quite another to purchase a product that is luxurious. Years ago, fabric made from recycled trash was often of poor quality – itchy to touch, and visually unappealing. But this is not the case today with modern, environmentally-friendly textile production. 

Fabric made from recycled trash, especially plastic, is often as good as, if not better, than other fabric used in fashion. Denim is one such example: the denim blends using recycled plastic create a soft to touch fabric that feels good on the skill, and holds body so that it lasts a long time before losing its stretch. Because of this superior fabric, more and more fashion designers are incorporating recycled material into their own brands.

“For the first time, fashion can become a positive influence on our earth, and you can choose what world you want to live in by purchasing a specific item.”


What drives eco-fashion isn’t just about making clothing. It’s about making a strong statement about the earth our place in it. Sustainable brands work hard in improving textile manufacturing so as to reduce pollution, as well as incorporating ethical labour into business structures so workers are supported and not exploited. This sustainable movement is not only doing good, but inspiring more and more people to do good as well.

What is empowering about the sustainability movement is that, for the first time, it is the consumer that is dictating practices of fashion companies. With more and more sustainable fashion brands in the market, and growing demand for environmentally friendly approached to fashion, we will find trashion becoming the standard in the fashion world.

“Trashion is more than fashion, it is a growing sense of responsibility to the earth and others – and this has never looked so good!”

Sustainable denim brands show what is possible in slow fashion, and we encourage and value all your support!

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