In this article, we’ll give you an overview of some of the most relevant items on sustainable denim industry. Denim jeans have always been a chic addition to any stylish wardrobe, and without a doubt you have that favourite pair of jeans you simply cannot part with. But did you know that the denim industry is one of the biggest fashion polluters on this planet, causing devastating impact on the environment from its overuse of water and poor handling of chemicals and dyes, to its exploitation of workers in the production chain?

It’s time we re-thought denim from a sustainable perspective. Much of the world’s cheap, fast fashion denim is still produced using out-dated technology. Fortunately, there are now accessible alternatives for people who want to begin making conscious choices about the clothes they wear. It’s called sustainable fashion, and innovations in textile production has made it possible for sustainable brands to access denim fabric made from recycled fabrics or recycled plastics that would have been near impossible a decade ago. The steady demand for sustainability has meant that it is now more commercially viable to produce eco-chic and earth friendly clothing than ever before.

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 Without compromising on quality, style, and fit, sustainable denim jeans is that perfect must-have item in any fashion-forward wardrobe. But before you search for that amazing pair of sustainable denim jeans you’ll love living in, what actually makes a pair of jeans eco-chic and earth friendly? By considering our five best following sustainability recommendations and features when you shop, you can make a positive impact on the earth and its natural resources, as well as on workers who make your clothing.


 When choosing eco-styles or earth-friendly jeans, you don’t have to worry about compromising on style and fit. The quality of recycled or sustainably sourced material produced from new textile technology means most people are unable to tell the difference between sustainable denim and its traditional counterpart. With eco-chic approaches to slow fashion, many sustainable jeans are able to withstand seasonal trends by incorporating a timeless style into their design, such as medium and dark-washed denim which complements most stylish looks, top quality denim with great versatility that is soft, comfy, and kind to the earth, clean style and a fit that ensures you look fantastic and feel great.


Innovations in textile production has seen many sustainable denim brands using newer textiles made from recycled material in their denim fabric. The most popular example of this is the use of recycled ocean-bound plastic re-spun and interwoven into virgin denim material. This harmonious blend makes for a naturally soft, durable denim that feels great on the body – and is indistinguishable in quality from high-end denim.

Recycled polyester


Contrary to popular belief, sustainability does not mean expensive all the time – especially when it comes to denim. By using recycled material and newer processes during production, much of the cost is reduced as denim no longer needs to be produced from scratch using outdated production practices that harm the environment, especially when it comes to water waste.


All sustainable brands are produced within a fair-work framework. Often this means people employed in the production chain are paid according to fair-wage standards, child labour is not used, and working environments are safe. Ethical labour practices complement the sustainable brands community focus, and all people employed in the production chain are recognised an integral part of the sustainability movement.


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Your choices are so powerful in this world, and together we can help change the fast fashion industry by choosing sustainable denim, and sending a clear message to bigger fashion corporation that their mass-produced fast fashion approach is no longer acceptable today.  Sustainable denim brands show what is possible in slow fashion, and we encourage and value all your support!

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