Summer is a time to be yourself. No matter what you love doing under the sun, you will be confident of looking and feeling comfortable and fresh in your jeans.

Summer is supposed to be spent outdoors in the sun, either socialising with friends or family, or just relaxing alone with a book on the beach, or adventuring yourself in just right camping locations. Whatever you like doing in summer, your jeans should be part of the fun and adventure. Here at Geminduztrie we know that not every woman wants to wear shorts or skirts during summer days.

Sure, wearing these items may mean you aren’t going to sweat as much, but many women feel comfortable in their favourite jeans, even if it means spending most of their day enduring the excess sweat produced by the heat, as well as the dreaded “swamp ass” (where sweat gathers around the buttock and crotch area). It doesn’t have to be this way – there are jeans designed for summer fun!



Not all jeans are alike, especially when it comes to wearing them in summer. That’s why many denim companies invest heavily in textile innovation to create jeans designed for hot and humid seasons. This is especially true of the newest cooling fabric denim, alleviating these jeans to a “must have” item for the high-end Australasian market - who desperately want stylish jeans they can wear without sweating. Want to wear your jeans in summer? Then choose a pair of jeans with our five recommended must-haves: 


  • Jeans in summer – cooling fabric.

A cooling agent infused in the yarn structure. Denim isn’t a uniform material, and there are many variations of denim quality and textile innovation. Jeans that use high-end fibre cooling particles in their fabric are able to create a moisture-wicking, quick-dry fabric that ensures your jeans feel lighter and are more breathable for longer periods of time.


  • Jeans in summer – moisture wicking fabric.

Anti-sweat material that is moisture repellent and prevents excess sweating in the jeans, especially around the buttocks and crotch area. Jeans with this technology in the yarn, blended with hydrophobic cotton fibres, are designed to improve the absorption capacity of the jeans, keeping you feeling dryer and fresher for longer.


  • Jeans in summer – anti-odour components.

Zinc fibres act as a natural deodorant for the jeans, so jeans that contains this element, and other anti-odour agents, in its fabric are able to be worn for longer periods of time between washes without that musty smell associated with sweat and dampness. With that in mind, we would still encourage you to wash your denim jeans every 1.5 to 3 months regardless of whether they are dirty or not. Upon purchase at our geminduztrie store (link to the store), you will receive a complimentary Jean Care eBook that will detail how to care for jeans – helping your jeans look gorgeous for longer!


  • Jeans in summer – ultra-smooth and soft fabric.

Ultra-smooth denim that feels soft on the skin is important for every season, especially during summer when the skin is vulnerable to heat sensitivity. Jeans that have a naturally ultra-smooth and soft denim finish (which feels like cashmere on the skin) are able to promote overall comfort and wearability for every day of the year.


        • Jeans in summer – designed for sun exposure.

        The Australian sun is notorious for its ability to cause damage to anything it is exposed to, so jeans designed for sun exposure are able to look good for longer periods of time. This includes using specific dyes and technology to ensure jeans take significantly longer to fray or longer to develop sun bleaching.  


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        Alternative and functional jeans that enable you to enjoy the hot weather (and all the outdoor fun that comes with it) are a must. Cooling denim jeans ensures you won’t have to worry about excessive sweat due to heat or humidity, as they are designed to wick away moisture from the body and dry quickly – meaning, you can enjoy your time in the sun feeling refreshed and cool for longer!


        Most jeans aren’t designed to be worn on beautiful summer days – but Geminduztrie jeans are. We recognise that denim jean lovers want to wear their jeans during every season of the year, regardless of the heat or humidity, and still feel cool, fresh and comfortable throughout the day. That’s why our jeans have an anti-sweat moisture wicking feature that will keep your surface skin fresh and dry on the hot days - and that’s why we know you’ll love wearing them!


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