How do your skinny jeans measure up? Follow our tips and make sure your high waist skinny - slim jeans look tight - and right fit!

The great thing about high waist skinny and slim jeans is that they have already been designed to look amazing on most body types. You cannot deny that there is something intuitively sensual and sexy about a pair of high waist skinny jeans; they way it hugs the hips and flattens the waistline, providing that alluring feminine form. But for many women, they avoid high waist skinny jeans because they believe this cut will not look amazing on them. Nothing could be further from the truth. After all, not all high waist skinny jeans are made equal - and to find that perfect pair for your body, you will need to learn the art of measurement - the perfect fit requires it!



To find that perfect pair of high waist skinny jeans for your body shape, you will first need to be able to measure your waistline and hips so that the jeans look tight and fit right. But before you can measure yourself for your perfect pair of skinny jeans, you need to familiarise yourself with the following three terms - the rise, the inseam, and the hem.

A jean's rise is the distance from the top of the waist band to the middle of the crotch seam (located between the jean's legs). A high waist skinny jean has already been designed to fit your natural waistline and has a longer rise. In comparison, a low rise-rise jean that rests below the hip is, as the name suggests, a lower rise.

The jeans inseam is the distance between your crotch and your ankle. The longer your legs, the longer the jean inseam you will need in your jeans. Generally, 32 to 34 inches inseams are generally recommended for those with longer legs; a 28-31 inches seam is considered average and most people will fall into this category; and finally, anything below 28 inch inseam are recommended for short or petite women.

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Finally, the jeans hem is where the end point of the jeans hit the ankle. For the perfect fit, your jeans should hit slightly above the ankle. If you find your chosen jeans are too long, you can roll them up for a stylish look -or, seek the services of a dressmaker to alter the hem for you.

These are key areas of a pair of a pair of jeans and define the style and fit. Now that we got those covered, grab your trusty cloth or flexible measuring tape and let's learn how to measure your natural waistline and your hips so that your high waist skinny and/or slim jeans will fit you perfectly.



All styles and fit comes from your natural waistline. Get this right, and you'll look stylish and your chosen outfits will be well-fitted - pinching at the waist and providing that enviable hourglass figure. A simple way to find your natural waistline is just to stand up and bend over to one side. You will notice a crease from between your lower ribcage and above your belly-button (navel). This is your natural waistline, so wrap your measuring tape around your stomach from this point and make of the inches/cm. To ensure accuracy, avoid sucking in your stomach or wrapping the measuring tape too tightly.

Your hips also plays an important part in the fit of your jeans and help to emphasise your natural curves. To measure up your hip, wrap your measuring tape from top of one hip to the top of the other, making sure the tape is level around the largest part of your buttocks. Make note of the inches/cm.

The inches/cm you have noted for your waist and your hips will help you identify which jeans will fit you. Most sustainable jeans companies will have descriptions that outline universal measurements to make purchasing instore or online easier, so choose a pair of high waist skinny jeans with the mindset that there will be some stretch around the waist and hips due to the traffic used. Now that you know how to measure yourself for jeans, it's time to go and find that perfect pair that your body shape will love!.


Sustainable denim brands show what is possible in slow fashion, and we encourage and value all your support!

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